Our young investigators selected their European and Australian countries last week.  See the "European/Australia Country" page for a list of their research assignments.

We read the picture book, "A Walk in London" by Salvatore Rubbino, this week to get an idea on what our travel log book can look and sound like.  We are working to record our discoveries by using the five senses of sight, smell, taste, feel, and hear.

Today we worked with college students at UNM, Moreh Nancy's class, to construct artful books where we can record our findings/discoveries.

This research project will be due a few weeks after Passover Break.

Happy Hunting Agents!

Here are the scheduled times at present (as "it goes to press"):

Thursday, March 1st (noon dismissal)

1) Gonny @ 1:00 p.m.
2) Storm @ 1:30
3) Leo @ 2:30
4) Aiden @ 5:30
5) Analise @ 6:00

Friday, March 2nd (no school for students)

6) Noah @ 7:30 a.m.
7) Clare @ 9:00
8) Rose @ 10:30
9) Deana @ 11:30
10) Delia @ 12:30

Please let me know if any changes are needed.

I do like students to be part of the conference.  Thank you!
(originally sent as an e-mail to parents)

Praise for GBI

2/2/2012 17:28:43


This positive comment was left on our school's Facebook page:

"Partnership for Excellence in Jewish Education wrote: "Love this. The use of the F.B.I. stuff is great, as is the Weebly website. I bet the kids are very excited about thsi project--and the parents are glad to be part of the process. Excellent 21st-century learning!"

Thanks to our school's Barbra P. in our Admissions office for posting our GBI in Asia weblink and sharing it with our friends.
What did you enjoy?  What did you learn?
Your field agent has been sent home today with the permission slips (click on words; also on next webpage, the "Gimel Bureau Page") for our next two field trips to Asia and Africa.

Please fill them out completely and sign them, and return with $5 (check can be to SSDS) for each trip to cover ticket costs.  Please also note the need for a sack lunch for the Jan. 30th trip, but not the Feb 7th trip, since some of you have already paid for hot lunches and we will return by lunchtime.

Thank you for yor attention to this!

- Gimel Bureau Chief Bonzon 
...on the Gimel Bureau Page (current last page of this website):

1) Science Fair presentation board instructions (2 pages)

2) and two packets of demographic information on our Asian countries, from the books "Operation World" and "World Facts Book"

These downloadable resources have been given to agents in our classroom and are also available here on our website.  Click on the light blue words to see the pdf files, and find your country to print only those pages. (Also clickable/downloadable/open-able from this page.)

Happy Investigating!
[from an e-mail to our Field Supervisors (Parents)]

On Monday, January 30th, we want to have an Asian Celebration with any Asian food - from Israeli to Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Thailand - donated by our parents.

We are looking at possibly starting the presentations of their countries at the end of this upcoming week, January 23rd week.  The two requirements are
1) they will need a visual of their country like a hand-drawn map and flag and any pictures/postcards, plus
2)speaking notes of the six areas of investigation (that can be found on our website:
a) government,
b) community,
c) economy,
d) culture,
e) history, and
f) global connections).  The form of their presentation can be varied.  They can have a poster, a tri-fold board, a video, a PowerPoint presentation, or a website; they can even create a book or picture book.

To stay uo-to-date on mission goals and changes, I would like to post classroom news and updates on our gbiinasia.weebly.com website's blog page which you can opt to have an RSS Feed to when it is updated (if I understand correctly how it works.)  So Parents please consider subscribing to its feed, and/or checking it regularly, perhaps weekly.

Thanks.  Over and out.
Hello Field Supervisors, aka Parents.

We still need one more chaperone driver for our January 30th, Monday, field trip to UNM to see the Peking Drummers.  Your time commitments are from 9:15 am departure to 11:45 am return.

Please see Jessica or Vel in the front office for the needed/required background check and MVD driver's license and insurance card. 

Thank you so much!

- Chief Bonzon

GBI Chief, Log Entry # 2 - Today is Tuesday, January 17, 2012, as we as a team have decided to postpone any spelling pre-quiz, homework, and quiz this week, so we can focus our limited time and energies on our current two projects: the Asian Country Investigation, and the Science Fair experiment.  So Field Supervisors (aka Parents), please be aware that we will not be having spelling homework this week, in order to work on our projects.

We will have a math practice packet still.

To GBI Agents: "How to Add Photographs and Images from the Web to our own Website"
1) Sign-in to your Weebly student account: username (first name plus last name initial(s)) and password (first initial and full last name) at students.weebly.com .
2) With another tab or web browser window open, search for an image of your country (Bing or Google can be used), and click on the "Images" button in your search results window.
3) When you have found an image you like, right-click on it and save it to your computer desktop or "My Pictures" where you can then open it and place it into your website.

Best wishes Agents!  You can do it!!

- BDC (Bureau Division Chief), Bonzon, Gimel Division

PS. Parents, I may be using this blog to keep you updated, so please consider subscribing to its feed (RSS Feed).  Thanks!
What did you discover about your Asian country today?


    G.B.I.'s Field Commander, Moreh Bonzon, has parents from the Asian country of the Philippines.  He has had the privilege to travel to Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea and the DMZ (De-Militarized Zone between North and South Korea), Japan, and China.  He has yet to visit Israel and our intelligence HQ there.

    Field Supervisors and Sr. Agents (aka Parents), please consider subscribing to the "RSS Feed" below to stay up-to-date with our blog/announcement postings. Thanks for your support, without which we could not be as successful!


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