GBI Chief, Log Entry # 2 - Today is Tuesday, January 17, 2012, as we as a team have decided to postpone any spelling pre-quiz, homework, and quiz this week, so we can focus our limited time and energies on our current two projects: the Asian Country Investigation, and the Science Fair experiment.  So Field Supervisors (aka Parents), please be aware that we will not be having spelling homework this week, in order to work on our projects.

We will have a math practice packet still.

To GBI Agents: "How to Add Photographs and Images from the Web to our own Website"
1) Sign-in to your Weebly student account: username (first name plus last name initial(s)) and password (first initial and full last name) at .
2) With another tab or web browser window open, search for an image of your country (Bing or Google can be used), and click on the "Images" button in your search results window.
3) When you have found an image you like, right-click on it and save it to your computer desktop or "My Pictures" where you can then open it and place it into your website.

Best wishes Agents!  You can do it!!

- BDC (Bureau Division Chief), Bonzon, Gimel Division

PS. Parents, I may be using this blog to keep you updated, so please consider subscribing to its feed (RSS Feed).  Thanks!
1/17/2012 06:06:42 am

I geuss I had fun. I learned that south korea plays soccer. they call it football.

1/17/2012 06:08:16 am

i know that India speaks realy weard languags

1/17/2012 06:10:13 am

asia is hard

1/17/2012 06:15:22 am

I think it is hard too!!!

1/17/2012 06:11:22 am

I learned Russia is bigger than other CONTENENTS .

1/17/2012 06:15:46 am

i just played with my website

1/17/2012 06:18:12 am

I have a huge amount of pictures but you can only put a few.

1/17/2012 06:18:34 am

I had fun, I learned that turkish people speak turkish ( that is a language) all of it's food is disgusting and it's money is cool

1/18/2012 09:09:07 am

this is fun and hard!!!


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