What did you enjoy?  What did you learn?
2/2/2012 05:59:22 am

what I want to remember about my trip to Asia and the Peeking Acrobats is when the man stacked 10 or more chairs on 4 bottles me and storm got scared because we were in 2nd row .I liked when I got to pretend I was an explorer in Afghanistan. it was a long drive to pope joy hall .I and storm had a awesome time.

2/2/2012 06:00:35 am

What I want to remeber about my trip to Asia and the peking acrobats is when they would do really hard things.I like how my mom learned something and I learned something.I like how I got draw the map because I like to draw.I like how the man stacked chairs up and then threw the chairs down to the other guys. It was funny when Noah and I were hugging each other because we thought the guy was going to fall on us.

2/2/2012 06:01:55 am

what i want to remember about my trip to Asia (peaking acrobats)is the man not falling off chairs.I liked the woman throwing umbrellas up in the air .

2/2/2012 06:02:25 am

I want to remember ... the man standing on 8 chairs . the bike with 48 people on it . the creepy ladies . and last the hoops.

Deana C.
2/2/2012 06:02:30 am

What I want to remember about my trip to Asia and the Peking Acrobats is... 1.When the man was on the chairs and that he really scared me! 2.I liked my presentation and other presentations too. 3.It was amazing when 10 people rode on 1 bicycle! 4.I liked how the dragons balanced on 1 ball. 5.I thought that the Asian snacks were delicious!

Analise Granados
2/2/2012 06:04:37 am

I loved our field trip to the peeking acrobats. About 10 people were on one bike! And 2 people jumped through a hoop at one time. And I rode with Gonny on the way there

Aiden dogin
2/2/2012 06:05:44 am

I want to remember gie on 8 chares. also the men jumping thrue the hoops. Also the dragin dance. Also the 10 guies on the bycicel. and the dead gie thing with the broom.

Gonny nir
2/2/2012 06:08:14 am

What I whant to remember about my trip to asia and the pieking akro bats is I liked the food and the dragons came to dance on the stage I liked when that chiar guy when he whent on chares I lked when the ladies were onthe stage I wish you could be there.
sinsely gonny

2/2/2012 06:12:32 am

What I want to remember about my trip to asia and the Peking Acrobats is how the dragon things danced and how I got scard when they came close to the stage. And when the lady froe an unbrela up and cot it with her foot and how she spinned it arrownd on her foot. And these ladys bit down and put there feet over there head. And when they played with yoyo things and one fell in the first row. And the man whoa stacked chairs. And the man whoa juggled hats. And a bunch of people went on a bicecle. And when men jumped thouh hoops. And when we came back and ate lunch. And thats what I want to remember.

2/2/2012 06:14:10 am

What I want to remember from my Asian trip and the Peking Acrobats is that some dragons were fighting over a cool ball! And there was a man on eight chairs! I thought that he was going to fall on me! We ate lots of yummy Asian food! We did a couple of presentations. The show was awesome!!!! I loved our Asian trip!!!!!!!


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